Steps To Take After One Of Your House's Window Panes Break

Jason Hunt

If you have an incident occur that causes one of your window's glass panes to shatter, you are likely to be concerned about having it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Failing to tend to the pane leads to the risk of injury to those in your home, as well as the potential for noticeable temperature changes to the interior. Debris can get inside your abode as well when you don't handle a broken window right away. Here are steps to take immediately after noticing a glass pane in your home has broken.

Contact A Glass Repair Service Immediately

Call a professional glass installation business right away to inquire if they have a service worker available to come to your home to check out the window's condition. Some residential glass repair companies provide emergency services, saving you the hassle of needing to worry about protecting your home's interior against the elements outside. If someone is unavailable that day, request service as soon as possible. If the service is unable to send someone within a day or two, call a few other glass repair businesses in your area to see if you are able to get quicker action.

Alert Others In The Household About The Problem

Make it a priority to let everyone who uses the room where the window is located about the glass breakage. This way, they will know to be extra careful not to become injured when they are in the vicinity of the window. If you have small children or pets, do not allow them in the room where the window is located until the pane is repaired or replaced.

Remove Any Excess Glass And Cover The Opening

Cover your hands with thick gloves before you attempt to pick up any shards of glass that rest upon the floor, windowsill, or personal belongings. Some pieces of the glass may be quite small and hard to see. After you pick up visible shards, use a shop vacuum to remove any slivers from the area. The window opening may need to be covered if the damage to the pane is extensive. This way, any precipitation, insects, or small pests will not be able to get inside of your home. A plastic tarp works best at repelling moisture; however, you may need to also affix a thick blanket over the tarp, facing the interior of your home, to help retain heat if the temperature is chilly outdoors.

Contact a local residential glass repair service near you to learn more.