4 Options For Hot Tub Spas To Consider When You Want A Place To Play Or Relax In The Water

Jason Hunt

A hot tub could be the perfect choice for your yard if you love being in the water but you don't have room for a pool. A hot tub is also perfect if you have a pool, but you like to soak in warm water regularly. A hot tub is a nice place to relax or a fun place to play in the water. Here are four options for hot tub spas you might want to consider.

1. The Swim Spa

A swim spa is a good choice if you want a hot tub for exercising or if you want a pool but don't have room for one. This hot tub spa has a hot tub on one end and a swim area on the other. The swim area isn't very large, but there's enough room to stretch out and swim against a current of water.

You can exercise in the swim section and then have a relaxing massage while lounging in a seat with water jets in the hot tub area. This type of hot tub is fun for the whole family since kids can splash and play in the exercise area.

2. A Hydrotherapy Spa

When you start looking at hot tub spas, you'll notice they have different amounts of water jets. If you have problems with muscle or joint pain, you might want a spa with multiple jets positioned on a lounger so you can have hydrotherapy treatments while you relax.

The combination of warm water plus the massage you get from the water jets helps you unwind after a stressful day and is a great way to seek relief from aches and pains.

3. A Party Spa

If you want a hot tub more for entertaining than for therapeutic use, then you may want a party spa that has plenty of seating for multiple guests and additional features such as underwater lights or a music system. You can buy several accessories for a hot tub that are useful for entertaining, such as drink holders, water features, and bubblers rather than water jets.

4. An Inflatable Tub

An inflatable hot tub won't last for years, but it might be worth considering if you aren't sure if a hot tub is right for you. An inflatable tub is easy to install, but it doesn't have features that you find in hot tub spas with hard shells.

You'll still get to enjoy relaxing comfortably in warm water, and once you've spent a winter soaking in a hot tub while staring at the stars or watching it snow, you'll probably be ready to invest in a more permanent model with better features.

For more options and information about hot tub spas, then contact a local distributor.