3 Things That A Basement Waterproofing Company Will Look At When Offering You A Quote

Jason Hunt

If you have been dealing with leaking in your basement, or if you just want to make sure that your basement is as safe as possible from leaking, you might be thinking about hiring a basement waterproofing company to help. Before you can plan for this project, however, you are probably going to need to know how much it will cost. Most basement waterproofing companies will send someone out to give you an estimate, but there are a few things that will be looked at during this process. These are a few things that contractors look at when coming up with quotes for basement waterproofing.

1. Does Your Basement Have an Existing Leaking Problem?

Your contractor is probably going to want to know whether your basement has an existing leak or not. This matters because if there is a leak, there will need to be repair work completed before the waterproofing can be done. If your basement does not have an existing leak, and you simply want to waterproof it to prevent a leak from occurring in the future, then the project is obviously going to be cheaper. The estimate is also going to be based on the amount of repair work needs to be done, if applicable, so you'll need to supply details about things like how serious the leaks are and when they occur, such as if it only leaks when there is very heavy rain.

2. How Old is Your Home?

The age of your home is going to have an effect on the cost of your basement waterproofing project. If your home is older, it might have more problems that you aren't fully aware of. The age of your home will also be telling about any work that might have been done in the past and how long it has been since it was done.

3. How Big is Your Home?

Obviously, the size of your home -- and therefore your basement -- will have an effect on your quote. Larger basements require more material and more labor, so you're obviously going to pay more if your basement is large.

As you can see, there are a few things that basement waterproofing companies look at when coming up with a quote. If you are looking to get the most accurate quote possible so that you can properly plan and budget for your project, you should provide all of this information to your contractor.