Top Reasons To Renovate Your Current Home

Jason Hunt

A well-planned home renovation can give your home a new look and change the way you use the home. Below are some specific reasons to renovate your home.

Increasing Usable Space

You need additional space if your family grows, your home's contents grow, or your lifestyle changes. Here are the three main ways to increase usable space in your home.

  • Create a new room – You expand your home outwards by building new walls and floors. For example, you can extend one side of the house to create a bedroom.
  • Create indoor space – You increase your home's usable space without extending it outwards. For example, you can install shelves, knock down walls, or finish unfinished rooms, such as the basement.
  • Create outdoor space – Not every usable space must have walls and floors all around it. You can create outdoor spaces, such as patios and decks.

Know why you need the new space before the renovation begins. Use the knowledge to determine how much space you really need.

Repurposing Existing Space

Renovation is also handy if you have space but want to use it for a different purpose. Consider these examples:

  • If you have a spacious bedroom, you can carve out some space for a bathroom addition.
  • You can turn an existing bedroom into a study room if you don't need the bedroom anymore (say, the children have all moved out).
  • You can turn an extra storage room into a game room after decluttering your stored items.

Repurposing existing rooms requires some skills and ingenuity. Work with a professional contractor for the best results.

Improving Efficiency

Consider renovation if your home is not as efficient as you want it to be. Here are some efficiency issues that can benefit from renovation:

  • Windows and doors that leak conditioned air
  • Roofs that allow heat to escape or penetrate through
  • An outdated HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system that does not efficiently heat or cool your home.

Choose a contractor specializing in the part of the home where you wish to increase efficiency. For example, you need a roofing contractor if you want your roof to be more energy efficient.

To Increase Property Value

Lastly, you can renovate your home to increase its value before listing it for sale. Focus on renovations that prospective homebuyers will appreciate. For example, many people appreciate sound roofs, efficient HVAC systems, and modern bathrooms. You should also consider the renovation costs and the returns they will likely give.

Contact a contractor for more information about home renovation