Remodeling Your House? A Few Hand Tools You Should Have

Jason Hunt

Even if you have a well-stocked toolshed, you might find there are a few pieces you don't have that will come in very handy when remodeling your home. While some tools can be used as an alternative for others, having the exact one will often make it an easier job and give a better final result. Here are just a few of the hand tools that can help with your project.

Tile Cutter

Whether you are putting in a ceramic tile floor or tiling around a shower stall, you are going to have to cut a few tiles. Trying to make rounded or diagonal cuts without a saw made for tiles is not going to be easy. To get a perfect fit, buy a tile cutter that has a ruler, miter gauge, and can cut circles. If it is a big job, with larger tiles, you may want to consider renting an electric tile cutter.

Paint Sprayer

There are a few reasons why professional painters use a sprayer instead of brushes and rollers. First off, they make the job much easier and faster. You won't have to worry about climbing up and down a ladder or bending down to paint the bottom of a wall. Secondly, they leave a much nicer finish; you won't have brush streaks or roller marks. While a small sprayer is great for a small room, be prepared to keep refilling it for larger areas. In addition, it might be a bit unbalanced when the tank is full. If you are going to be doing a lot of painting, rent a larger sprayer that will hold more paint and a tank that sits on the floor with a long hose for moving around the room.

Floor Stapler

If you are going to be putting down a hardwood floor, you are going to want a floor stapler. Trying to get every nail at the right angle to hold it in place without showing can be a long, arduous task if you are using a hammer and then countersinking them. A nail stapler is designed to put the nail in correctly every time with nothing more than the pull of a trigger.

Take advantage of tools that are made for specific purposes. If you know you won't be needing a certain tool again for a long time, ask about renting it. If you decide that tool will be handy in the future, ask about buying a previously rented one. Remodeling is expensive, even when you are doing the work yourself. Saving money on tools means you can buy higher quality materials. This will give you a better looking house for a longer time.