Building A Waterfront Property? Exterior Options You Can't Exclude

Jason Hunt

If you have purchased waterfront property and you're ready to build your home, you may want to have some of the exterior features that you want added into the mortgage or put in the budget. You want to be able to enjoy the outdoor property as soon as you move in. 

You'll have to talk with your building contractor and the contractors that will have to do the work. Here are a few of the things you'll want to get quotes for when pricing out your new home.

Custom Concrete 

If you want to have a custom concrete patio off the back of the house with concrete steps and a fireplace, you may want to add it into the cost of the home. You can get stamped or stained concrete to look like wood, stone and other materials to go with your nautical home. Concrete is durable, aesthetically appealing and easy to clean, and a very popular option in new construction.


You'll want to have a dock ready for swimming and for your water crafts. The dock is something that has to be designed and constructed by professionals to ensure its the right height and size. You may want it built with a deck, around a boat hoist or with a lounging area. There are different material options available. You can even get a boat garage in the design if you want. The company will install it every spring and remove it every fall. Contact a dock company, such as Dock construction Okanagan, for more information. 


If you don't want a barren yard with no greenery or landscaping when you move in, you'll want to have an estimate prepared for landscaping. You may want mature trees, bushes around the home and other vegetation, which you'll need to have brought in. If you don't want to wait for the grass to grow in, you'll want to have it delivered after the construction.

The reason you want a house on the water is so you can enjoy all of the scenic benefits. With these different outside upgrades added to the home, it's going to be easy to enjoy your views. Get multiple quotes for the different projects that you want completed so you can compare the costs of the labor and the materials. All of these things aren't just going to make it easier to enjoy your outdoor living space, but they'll also improve the value escape potential of  the property at the same time.