Three Discussions You Must Have before Painting Your Business Premises

Jason Hunt

There are many issues to discuss with a paint contractor before painting your business premises. Most of the discussions are likely to center on the length and cost of the project, mainly because they have an immediate impact on your expenses. However, there are other equally essential issues that you shouldn't ignore. Here are three examples of such issues:

How Can You Minimize Business Interruptions?

If you are already operating on the premises you wish to paint, you have to consider the impact of the painting project on your business operations. Discuss with the paint contractor how to handle the project without inconveniencing your clients and employees too much.

For example, if you only use the premises during the day, you can hire a painter who operates round the clock to do the painting after business hours. You can also use your off-hours, slow days, or weekends for the project; a flexible contractor should be able to afford you that much.

What Image Do You Wish to Portray?

The main color of your building is one of the first things people notice when approaching your business place. Therefore, you need to choose paint that portrays the image you want for your business. For example, just because your favourite color is blue, this doesn't mean you should use the color on your restaurant since it can lead to loss of appetite. An experienced painting contractor will guide you on the color trends and help match your image to the correct color.

What are the Essential Features of the Paint?

Choosing the paint to use for your business isn't just about selecting the color. Here are four additional factors to consider:

  • Odour—Paints have different odours; for the interiors (at least), use something that doesn't smell too much so as not to inconvenience those who use your premises.
  • Health concerns—Consider using paints with low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) since the compounds have been linked to different health issues, such as nausea (acute exposure) and cancer (chronic exposure).
  • Mould issues—For areas that experience considerable moisture, paint products with anti-mould treatment is best.
  • Traffic concerns—High-traffic areas, such as hallways, require paint that doesn't fade easily.

You aren't likely to get help on these three issues while dealing with an amateur painter. Trying to cut costs by using nonprofessional services may cost you in the long run. Consult a professional contractor and let him or her paint your premises right the first time. Look for Pro-Guard Painters Paint Distribution to learn more.