2 Important Questions And Answers About Accessing Weight Scales In Alberta

Jason Hunt

Weight truck scales in Canada exist to be sure that only vehicles of a safe and legal weight are transported on the roads, but the laws from one province to the next can vary significantly. Since Alberta is the fourth most populated province and it appeals to many tourists, it will only help you to be sure that you are in compliance with all local laws.

Is It True That Any Vehicle Can Be Required To Proceed To A Weigh Station By A Peace Officer Without Advance Notice?

It is important to note that any time that you are driving a vehicle in Alberta, a peace officer can require that you have your vehicle, along with any equipment or trailer it is carrying, to submit to a thorough exam and weight check at a weight truck scale. Although a common misconception is that doing so is only a problem for bigger vehicles, like 18-wheelers, the truth is that it could happen to any automobile, including your rental vehicle, your own vehicle with plates from the United States or private vehicles owned by Canadians.

That means that you are probably not being pranked or teased if you are stopped by law enforcement for a check-in. It is a big deal and you should react accordingly, by being polite and obedient.

Do You Know How To Find The Nearest Weigh Scales?

Fortunately, Alberta makes it easy to identify and access weigh scales. For example, you will usually see flashing lights that will identify that the scale is currently functional, and even if it is not you can typically get your vehicle weighed. 

You can find weigh scales on either side of the road and on or off of the highway. Throughout Canada, you are likely to see weighing stations that have someone operating them, but the systems themselves are often automated. Simply drive over the sensors at no more than 10 kilometers an hour and the unit gives you the necessary information about the total weight.

If present, the attendant will give you the other information you need, including an inspection.

In conclusion, it is a good idea to understand more of the details that relate to weight truck scales. By doing so, you can be sure that your visit to Canada will not be marred by accidentally breaking the law or driving unsafely, thus earning a ticket in lieu of an equally memorable and more fun souvenir.