Enhance Your Bathroom's Custom Cabinets with Some Simple Upgrades

Jason Hunt

After you have custom cabinets installed in your bathroom, you can enhance their beauty with some simple upgrades. Once finished, the cabinets will stand out and give your bathroom an updated and attractive appearance.

Self-Adhesive Border

Attach a self-adhesive border around the top of the room. If you select a pattern that matches the color or pattern of the cabinets, your bathroom will look organized and professionally remodeled. Measure the width of each wall to determine how long the border needs to be. Cut a separate piece of the border for each wall.

Climb a small stepladder so that you can reach the ceiling. Peel off the adhesive backing and press the border down firmly onto the wall. Continue adding the additional pieces until all of the walls have an attractive border running across the top.

Above Cabinet Lighting

If you store toiletries and other small items inside of the cabinets, finding what you need can be a chore if you do not have direct lighting aimed at them. Installing lights above the cabinets will resolve the problem and provide a soft, attractive glow inside of your bathroom. Light kits are convenient to use because all of the pieces that are included are connected to one wire. Purchase a kit that is designed to be used above or below cabinets.

Line up the hardware that comes with your kit so that one piece is centered above each cabinet. Mark the areas on the ceiling with a pencil. Install the hardware with screws and a power drill. Install a bulb in the sockets that are attached to the hardware pieces. Insert the plug into an outlet and enjoy the new lighting. Change the bulbs to ones that are a higher wattage if you are not satisfied with the amount of lighting that you are provided with.

New Handles

If you want the handle on each cabinet to blend in well with the other colors used to decorate your bathroom, add a fresh coat of paint to them. Remove the hardware with a screwdriver. Clean the handles with soapy water and a scrub brush. Use a clean cloth to dry them. Place the handles on a piece of plastic sheeting. Apply spray paint to their surface. Once they have dried, add a clear coat of paint. Reattach the handles to the cabinets with a screwdriver.

After you have completed each of the previous upgrades, your bathroom will look inviting. The custom cabinets will be a focal point that each person will gaze at when they enter the bathroom. For assistance, talk to a professional like Oakville Kitchen and Bath Centre Design.