Concrete Coring Will Let You Install New Posts In Your Foundation

Jason Hunt

Houses are heavy. The weight of the building itself can cause damage, and once you add in all the furniture and fittings, your house will end up weighing more than you ever thought. That weight can damage the foundation and the supports designed to hold up your house. If the weight settles unevenly, your floors, walls, and even roof can be affected. The best way to keep that from happening is to make sure that you have more than adequate support for your home. If you need to add in additional support, concrete coring will let you do that. 

What Is Concrete Coring?

Concrete coring involves taking a special kind of drill and cutting down into concrete. This drill doesn't just leave a hole, it actually takes a core out of the concrete. The core is a cylinder of concrete that comes out of the concrete pad all in one piece. The hole that is left behind looks like a cookie cutter just came and took a bite out of the concrete. 

Why Use Concrete Coring?

Concrete coring allows your contractor to get down to the dirt below your concrete. They will be able to dig down further to create a post hole in your foundation. They will be able to pour new concrete to secure a post that will be able to help support the weight of your house. Once the concrete base has been poured, a post can be installed and secured to the concrete and then to your house to take the weight. New concrete will also be poured around the post to make sure that it is tied into the whole foundation system of your home. 

Are there Benefits to Using Concrete Coring?

The biggest benefit to using concrete coring to help shore up your house is that it is much less labor intensive than some other options are. It also gives a much more permanent solution than using things like jacks to hoist up any sagging or shifting areas. A jack has the risk of moving, which can cause further damage to the house. A post that is installed and connected to both the house and the foundation won't slip and will help spread the weight through the whole of the foundation. 

Your house needs to have adequate support. If you need to retrofit some extra support posts for your house, then using concrete coring will make it easier for those posts to be installed.