Soffits And Fascia Boards: Why They're Important To Your Home

Jason Hunt

Soffits, soffit joists, and fascia boards are an important part of any roof. Even though many people don't know the terms for these exterior parts, you probably glance at them all the time. It's important you understand what they are and what they can do for you before you make exterior design choices for your home.

The Small Parts Complete the Whole

These pieces may seem insignificant when compared to other parts of your roof and exterior. But these small pieces play an important role.

Soffits – Soffits are those slats that are underneath any part of your roof that protrudes, such as eaves. They keep the beams of your roof from showing. They also help to vent your roof.

Soffit joints – These are the boards that form the support structure of the soffits. They're similar to fascia.

Fascia – Fascia is the front facing part that serves much the same role as the soffits. It's the board that goes along the roofline and forms the vertical edge that represents the barrier between the roofline and the outside elements.

These are all adjunct parts of your roof. They serve both aesthetic and functional roles, which are both important. The aesthetic qualities are important because they can add curb appeal. The functional roles are important because they protect your home.

Why These Parts are Important for Functionality

Both soffits and fascia protect your home from outside elements. If they weren't there, then wind, rain, snow, and everything else would have direct access into your home through the roof.

The soffits especially help to keep the temperature in your attic regulated. The venting in the soffits help your attic breathe by aiding in the circulation of air in your attic. A maintained attic temperature affects the entire home.

If your soffits or fascia becomes damaged from water, rotting, or general wear and tear, then you need to make sure you have them repaired or replaced. Also, if you have an older home, you might have wooden soffits or fascia. If that's the case, then you should have them replaced anyway.

Old wood isn't much protection, and wood doesn't stand up well to water without heavy amounts of waterproofing and regular maintenance. These days, you can get your soffits or fascia in aluminum from a manufacturer like Metalworks Canada Ltd.

Looks, Function, or Both

Aesthetically, you can use soffits and fascia to add highlights and statements to your exterior design. Since they don't take up a lot of room but do encircle a home, it's possible to come up with many ideas for edging your home. But remember their primary function.

You don't have to sacrifice the functionality of your soffits and fascia by in order to get an aesthetically pleasing design or material. You can have both without sacrificing one or the other.