3 Ways You Can Make Better Use Of A Small Yard

Jason Hunt

When you have a small yard on your property, you may feel trapped even when you are outdoors. Learn a few ways you can use your landscape to your advantage and make better use of your small yard.

Remove large trees

Large trees often overpower a small yard, especially when they are placed in the middle of the property. Remove all but a few of the best shade-bearing trees from your property to create more space. A landscaper like All Season Tree Service can remove your trees for you, including stump removal, so you have more area space to plant grass, a garden, or to just enjoy. If you don't know which trees to remove, have your landscaper take a look at your yard. They can suggest which trees are the most viable due to size, location, type, and health to help you choose which ones to keep.

Divide your yard

Small yards often look clumped together—playground equipment, gardens, fire pit areas all merge into one. This gives your property a cluttered effect, and can make it difficult to enjoy the open space you have. Divide your yard into sections—your garden along your fence line, playground equipment in the largest space of your yard, and your fire pit placed intimately near the side or back of your home, for example. Use brick pavers to border in your garden so it's clear where it ends and the rest of your yard begins. You may think that placing everything all together creates a larger area to play or work in, but the opposite is true. Make use of all your space by dividing your yard activities into their own sections.

Remove bordering shrubbery

You may enjoy the privacy of shrubbery along your fence line, but you sacrifice much of your land in keeping it where it is. Rip out shrubbery along fence lines and your foundation to open up your yard space. If you still want privacy, consider adding a wooden fence as a privacy wall and placing Virginia Creeper or grape vines along your borders instead. They take up less space, and offer certain beauty to your yard. Your landscaper can help you choose smaller shrubbery for bordering your property if you wish.

When you have a small yard, there are many ways you can make the most of the limited space you have. Use these tips to make better use of your property, so you can enjoy your yard to its fullest potential.