Make A Decorative Border For Your Wishing Well

Jason Hunt

After placing a wishing well in your yard, place a decorative border around it that is made out of flowers and plants. This enhancement will draw attention to the well and will be easy for you to maintain. 

Use These Materials

  • measuring tape
  • garden shovel
  • hand shovel
  • garden stakes
  • landscape fabric
  • scissors
  • flowers
  • plants
  • mulch
  • topsoil
  • LED lights with stakes

Measure And Dig

Determine how far from the well you would like to place the border. Use garden stakes to mark the outline of the area that you are going to be digging. Dig down several inches, making sure that the trench is deep enough to hold the roots of the flowers and plants that will be placed inside. Flatten the base of the trench so that it is even all the way around the well. Place landscaping fabric in the base of the trench. The fabric does not have to be perfectly cut, you will be covering up the edges after the flowers and plants are placed in the trench.

Plant Each Item And Fill In The Trench

Decide what type of pattern you would like to place in the border before adding the flowers and plants. Space each one out evenly. As you put each one into the ditch, cover the roots with dirt so that they remain stable. Once the border is filled in, add a thin layer of topsoil to the border. Topsoil contains a high level of nutrients and will help the flowers and plants grow. 

Add Mulch And Lighting

Add mulch on top of the topsoil, making sure that the layer is even. Use a small shovel to assist with placing the mulch around the base of each flower and plant. Mulch will add a decorative touch and will allow the soil to retain moisture. This will cut back on the amount of times that you will need to water the flowers and plants. Insert the stakes that contain the LED lights into the ground. These lights operate off of batteries, so you will be able to turn them on or off as needed and won't have to worry about increasing your energy bill.

Enjoy your new border. It will bring out the beauty of the well. Turn the lights on when it is dark to get the wishing well to stand out. Water your flowers and plants a couple times a week so that they remain healthy and strong. Talk to places like AAROC Aggregates Landscape Supplies for more information and tips.