Answers To Two Common Custom Cabinetry Questions

Jason Hunt

Your kitchen's cabinets are among the most important features of your home's cooking area. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the perfect set of cabinets to go with your kitchen. Luckily, learning the answers to the following questions will help you make a smart choice for your kitchen's unique design and needs. 

What Materials Can Be Used To Build Custom Cabinets?

There are many materials, like plywood, stainless steel, and particleboard, that can be used to create the perfect cabinets for your home. However, it should be noted that classic solid wood and vinyl are among the two most popular options. While custom cabinets made from high-quality solid wood can impart a rich and sophisticated feeling for your home, this type of cabinetry can be relatively expensive.  

Luckily, you can opt for vinyl cabinets that cost a fraction of what traditional wood ones require. But they will still closely resemble the appearance of natural wood. In fact, it is possible to get vinyl cabinets that resemble almost any type of natural wood; this can help ensure you get the perfect cabinets for your kitchen without shattering your budget. Talk with a place like Millbrook Cabinetry Custom Cabinetry. They can help you figure out how to get nice materials for a good price.

How Are Custom Vinyl Cabinets Maintained?

While most people are familiar with the steps to maintain wood cabinets, many individuals do not understand how to keep vinyl cabinets looking great for years to come. While this type of cabinet is extremely easy to clean (just regularly wipe with an all-purpose cleaner) and resistant to moisture, they can be damaged easily if you aren't careful.

Excessive heat exposure from the stove can cause some of the vinyl to melt or warp. In addition to making your cabinets appear off, this type of damage can make it difficult to completely close the cabinets; and, this can lead to a higher risk of injury to you or damage to the cabinet doors. To avoid this type of damage, you should always ensure that you have installed your cabinets several feet away from the stove. This will give the heat from the stove a chance to dissipate before it reaches the cabinets.

Choosing the perfect cabinets for your home does not have to be an overwhelming or daunting task. By answering these two questions about custom cabinetry, you will likely find it easier to make an informed choice for your home's needs during your next remodeling project!